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What we're all about

In light of recent events, the need to establish rigorous markets has never been greater. Commodity Distribution Collective seeks to achieve universal free exchange - facilitated through bills of exchange - in the distribution of horticultural goods, aiming to later expand into all areas of commerce.

How is free exchange established?

Exchanges can be agreed through our collective's quotations board. Two-way quotations will be made by a certified market maker at a given locality to allow unhindered exchange between growers, producers and consumers. Participants can agree to any exchange displayed on the quotations board. Once accepted, a bill of exchange will be drawn on both parties, stating agreed delivery time and location. A key feature of these bills is that they can also be used as payment for other transactions if desired. Bills are settled by simply exchanging the agreed quantities at the time and place stated on the bill (see member guidance section or contact us for more details). 

Benefits of free exchange

The possible benefits really are endless. However, a significant benefit is in the reduction of household "waste" via organised recycling at the individual level (opposed to the ineffective council/recycling plant organised recycling we are all familiar with). For example: 

  • Surplus horticultural goods from our gardens can be exchanged with others to reduce food waste

  • Garden/food waste exchanged with those with surplus compost (and vice versa)

  • Aluminium cans for ingots

  • Empty glass bottles for those filled with apple juice

  • etc...​

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